Out with the old ~ in with the new website

Today is a celebration, of sorts. 

In the past several weeks, I have thought and rethought; designed and redesigned; hemmed and hawed; had second (and third, and the occasional fourth) thoughts… 

But today, I'm finally ready to unveil the new iteration of the Phylogeny Art website into the world. Let the birds sing with joy!

If you had visited my old site, you'll remember this: 

It was great for my purposes - an online home for my stationery line. It was a site for people to find me and my artwork, and to discover a new stationery design that might be the perfect fit for them or for someone in their world. It matched my color scheme, it was muted and understated and tasteful. 

But it was a starting point. Since then, I've grown and so has my line. I have a brand now, and my brand has developed into something much more than it was a year ago.

That's something I'm so overwhelmingly proud of and it's something that has taken a great deal of work and strength and confidence - and I realized this winter with all of the work I was putting into my shop that my old website just wasn't going to be able to evolve with me. 

So I decided that I needed a move. I chose to move onward and upward on the online spectrum and to develop a new website that can grow with me - and one that I think will challenge me to grow with it. 

But I think that the most wonderful part about this part of the journey has been that I've built a refreshing, bright new home for my brand. And that feels amazing!! *happy dance*

I hope you like it! Feel free to send me an email to let me know if you love it! Or keep in touch with me weekly using this link


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