Save trees and still send cards


Phylogeny Art as a brand is so much more than I imagined it would be just a year ago. 

When I started painting, I wanted my artwork to be useful. Functional. I wanted it to be able to be picked up and used on a regular basis and to make someone's day more beautiful.

What about hanging it on the wall? Well, sure, that's an option… but I wanted to make something more tangible. I wanted people to use it. That's where my stationery came into play. 

I've always loved sending and receiving cards. There's something about sealing that envelope and putting it in your mailbox. Or there's the flutter in your heart when you see a small envelope addressed to you in your mailbox - and you know from the handwriting that it's not a bill! Best feeling ever, which only gets better when you open that envelope to see the note inside!

I had spent some time doing the scrapbook-style card making that you see on Pinterest. They're gorgeous. But those cards can get bulky with their layers. They don't always end up traveling through the mail well. And well, honestly, I just didn't like buying so many little embellishments. It seemed like I was wasting materials (and if you know my dad, you know exactly why I simply can't "waste materials!" but I digress...

So putting my artwork onto notecards seemed to be the perfect pairing of function and beauty.  

But, I couldn't in good conscience sell nature-inspired artwork that also kills trees. That just didn't sit well with me, or my friend Heather who is ardently as eco-friendly as anyone I've ever met. 

It only took one brief conversation with my local printer to explain how important this theme was He understood completely and suggested a heavyweight card stock made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. It's also chlorine free. 

I take great pride in that paper choice and how well it matches the ethos of my brand. And using a local printer, who is excellent and quick and doesn't entail shipping, adds to the eco-friendly nature of my line


A note written on Phylogeny Art stationery carries with it much more than the handwriting inside. It communicates your love for the beauty of nature, and quietly shows how much you respect it too. 

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