Stationery Sampler Boxes for Retailers

In reaching out to retail locations about my nature-inspired watercolor stationery lately, I've been asked to send along samples. So I designed these sample boxes in lieu of sending packaging envelopes with my cards inside.

I like how they help pull together my brand around my stationery as soon as the retailer opens the box (you can see a list of the resources I used for assembling my sample boxes at the bottom of this post).


I secured the cards in place with some sage green yarn that matches my brand colors, attached a small square envelope to the inside cover of the box where I could put a little note to the buyer/owner, and painted a small accent in the corner to bring together the theme of the top card - the Stargazer Lily. 

Stationery Sample Box Phylogeny Art



But the painting of the box didn't stop there, oh no. On the front of the box, I decided to paint a brighter stargazer lily accent in acrylics in the corner. The kraft box with black marker just looked too plain for what was waiting inside. I wanted this box to tell them there was something beautiful, colorful, and inspiring waiting for them when they opened it. 

Stationery Sample Box Painting Phylogeny Art



And finally, I left out a business card - WHAT?! - yes. I left it out. I think that in this circumstance, that made sense. I'm sending them cards with my branding right on the front of the packages. Each card is also printed on the back with my branding. So instead of a business card, I decided to make a mini watercolor painting for each sample box.

Mini Watercolor Paintings Phylogeny Art

No two are exactly alike, just like no two butterflies are exactly alike. And on the back of each one in my own handwriting, I wrote down my contact information and website. Then I added a little clip with a hook at the top of each one so that they have a tiny, beautiful piece of art to hang up somewhere in their office space rather than one more piece of paper to clutter their world. 



Products Guide for my Sample Boxes: 

- 8 x 8 x 3" kraft boxes + kraft shred fill - Nashville Wraps (
- Sage yarn + 3.5 x 3.5" white envelopes - Michael's (
- Tim Holtz Carosel Clips - Hobby Lobby (




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