I'm releasing a watercolor library!

Phylogeny Art Digital Download Library

Today, I'm here to announce that I'm building a content library of some of my watercolor content that will be available to download for free personal use to my subscribers!


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Once you're signed up, you'll receive a confirmation email with a link to the library page and a password to access all of the goodies. It's as simple as that! If you love what you're seeing, the best way to let me know is on social media (Phylogeny Art on Facebook or Phylogeny Art on Instagram)

Worried about your inbox? You'll hear from me just about every 2-3 weeks with advance notice of new designs going into my shop, exclusive discounts for my followers, and recaps of what downloads are available since my last email. Your email address is safe with me, I will not ruin our relationship by giving it to anyone else. And you can unsubscribe at anytime, no hard feelings.

Starting today, my followers will be able to access the content library to download my:

  • desktop calendars,
  • calendar printables,
  • printable quote artwork,
  • and other items that I plan to be adding to every few weeks! I have some great ideas in mind for spring and summer, especially.

And to kick it off, I have a version of my cherry blossom watercolor that's been revamped - kicked up a notch - with a quote perfect for our recent crazy winter weather during springtime (see the picture above, cure right?), perfect to brighten up your living room this spring and a great little DIY home decorating project that's super easy to do. 


Why am I giving my artwork away for free?

Great question - I do a lot of sketching and freehand work that goes unseen, and not all of it is worthy of being hidden in my watercolor pad forever. Most of it is practice for larger projects that go on to be notecards and art prints. So if you love something, let me know, because it might be the beginning of a new collection!



A note on use of watercolor library files:
The downloads in my watercolor library are for your personal use only. They may not be distributed without permission, or used for any purpose beyond personal use as defined by use on a home computer or with a home printer. They cannot be reproduced in mass quantities or for resale purposes. Requests for multiple copies can be made to the artist and developer via email. Copyright 2016 Phylogeny Art

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