A Collaboration and a Stunning Printable for Mother's Day!

Tulip watercolor Margaret Atwood Calligraphy Quote Printable Phylogeny Art

Tulip Margaret Atwood Quote Printable Phylogeny Art

When I was searching for a quote to use for a printable this month, I was looking for something that would be perfect for Mother's Day.

And I found it, with the help of my new friend and collaborator Tiffany from Raleigh Calligraphy and Design in North Carolina. The story of how we met and sparked up this collaboration is below the fold,

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I started planning to paint tulips in early April, and knew exactly what I was going to use them for. I had a design for a printable in mind, and they would be great for my calendars in May too (hint hint!).

I was confident of the painting part - tulips are gorgeous, and I knew I could do great watercolor work for their soft petals, wrinkles and strong stems. 

But the quote part… that's a big challenge for me. I realized that last month on my cherry blossom quote. My hand lettering skills need some work. 

I have been a member of an handmade small business group for about a year now. That's where I met Tiffany. She joined the group after me, and introduced us all to her calligraphy shop.

Her specialty is wedding stationery, which she hand letters with the utmost diligence for the brides and grooms that hire her. When we met, I knew nothing about calligraphy except how stunning her lettering was and how classic and elegant it looked.

And apparently it stuck in the mind of the creators at VIDA who have created a line of scarves and clothing highlighting her work! They're gorgeous and would make amazing gifts. 

So as I was looking for quotes, I had a whim of an idea fly into my mind - what if Tiffany would want to collaborate with me on making this printable? 

She agreed, and we got to work on choosing a quote. We even made a collaborative Pinterest board to share quote ideas with each other until we found the perfect fit - a quote from Margaret Atwood:

"I exist in two places, here and where you are." 

As I finished up the watercolor, Tiffany was at work lettering the quote and waiting for it dry (I learned so much about calligraphy from this collaboration! I'm sure there's still so much to learn, but the paper choice, ink choice - all of it is so fascinating and critical to the quality of what she produces). 

When she sent it to me, I knew we had something special. What we created together is a piece of art that speaks to love and caring. 

For Mother's Day, this quote expresses the feeling that a mother's heart is outside of her own. 

But this quote could be used for so much beyond Mother's Day - sisters, long distance friends, significant others.

I've fallen in love with this creation, in case you can't tell. If you do use this printable for a gift, we would love to see it! Post it to social media with the hashtag #margaretatwood and tag @phylogenyartstephanie and @raleighcalligraphy. 

If you love what you're seeing, the best way to let me know is on social media (Phylogeny Art on Facebook or Phylogeny Art on Instagram).

You should also check out the gorgeous calligraphy that Tiffany shows on her social media (Raleigh Calligraphy on Facebook or Raleigh Calligraphy on Instagram). 


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