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August 2016 Watercolor Desktop calendar download Phylogeny Art


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My August 2016 calendar downloads are ready for my followers! This month's theme is Queen Anne's Lace, in honor of all of these beautiful, intricate wildflowers that are lining our highways and side streets. I went picking them with my mother and my daughter for a family reunion during July and fell in love with them. 

How do you get the calendar?  

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After you download the files, how do you put it on your background?

That will depend on your computer. I use a Mac, so I open up System Preferences in my toolbar, then go to Desktop & Screen Saver. After downloading, I put this file into my Pictures folder I found the file in my Pictures folder while in that Desktop/Screen Saver setup, and select it from the list. It popped up automatically on my desktop. 

If you run a Windows operating system and aren't sure how to do this, I would suggest Googling your exact system (Windows 7, Windows 8, etc) and search "change desktop background." 

Or if you'd prefer to have something you can write on, download this PDF version of the calendar with individual blocks for each day of the month, and a notes section at the bottom.
After downloading, you can print this out as many times as you'd like on normal printer paper (8.5x11") on your home computer. I suggest putting it on a clipboard or mounting it on a cork board at your desk for easy planning all month long!




But please keep in mind: 

These downloads are for your personal use only. Please don't distribute them without my permission, or use them for purposes beyond personal use as defined by use on a home computer or with a home printer. They cannot be reproduced in mass quantities or for resale purposes. Requests for multiple copies can be made to the artist and developer via email


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