Phylogeny Art Inspired by the tree of life

I take great pride in having developed my Phylogeny Art brand of stationery as a line that communicates a love and respect of nature while also making someone's day more beautiful. 

But what is Phylogeny?
(I'm so glad you asked.)

Phylogeny is the scientific study of the relationships between all living things, and is generally known as the "tree of life." That family tree consists of some beautiful, delicate, colorful, and powerful creatures. They interact with each other. They thrive because of each other. Those relationships and interactions make our world as beautiful and complex as it is. 

Phylogeny is a large part of my life - and not just in my art. I'm a scientist with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. 

Behind my plain white lab coat 
I'm the artist, designer, owner and resident soul of Phylogeny Art. 

Being a scientist requires careful attention to detail - I can't turn that off, and it shows in my artistic style. My paintings include intricate details of each species I paint, from the architecture of butterfly wings to the beautiful veining and spots of the petals of a purple iris. 

Phylogeny Art black swallowtail watercolor painting in progress

And I cherish that my Phylogeny Art stationery line spreads the message of conservation and appreciation for the delicate beauty of nature along with well-wishes and warmest greetings to loved ones - my local printer prints all of my stationery exclusively on 100% post-consumer recycled heavyweight card stock.


If you have any questions about my paintings or my products, have a suggestion or a request for a particular notecard design, or even if you'd just like to share your love of nature with me I'd love to hear from you!
Thanks for reading, 
Stephanie @ Phylogeny Art

Phylogeny Art Stephanie




Photo Credits: Ashley Wilbur