Stationery Wholesale Policies

Payment Terms

PayPal Invoice or via credit card through Etsy Wholesale Direct Checkout. Opening orders are COD, returning buyers on a Net 30 basis. 

Cancellation & Change Order 

Alterations to quantities or styles ordered are accepted within 2 business days of placing an order, but please be prompt in making any change requests.


Opening order $100 minimum, $50 minimum for returning buyers.


The default shipping method for Phylogeny Art notecards is via USPS Priority Mail. Buyers are responsible for covering shipping fees at the time of invoice (COD for opening orders, Net 30 for return orders). 

If an alternate shipping method is preferred (i.e. FedEx or UPS), please indicate so in placing your order. Buyers with shipping accounts for any of these providers are welcome to provide shipping account information for charging their account with shipping fees.

Est. Lead Time

3 business days  


The Phylogeny Art logo and website address are printed on the back of each card. Cellophane packages are branded on the back with a circular logo sticker that is 1" in diameter on the back.  Assorted sets have a rectangular sticker (3 x 4") on the back with a small Phylogeny Art logo as well as thumbnails and details of each design enclosed in the box.

Returns & Damages  

All of the merchandise is carefully handled and examined to ensure the quality of the cards and of the packaging for notecard sets. If, however, your items arrive in a damaged state, please submit a return request by email ( Return requests must be within 5 days of receipt of damaged goods - please send a photo of the damage in your email. 

If the purchase ordered included an incorrect style or unit size, returns or exchanges can be made, with the buyer responsible for any shipping costs incurred for the return/exchange. 


To maintain an active exclusivity arrangement, buyers are requested to place orders at least once every 6 months. In the event this ordering schedule cannot happen, I request that the buyer maintain contact via phone or email about the status of my stationery in the shop at the same time scale, and work with me directly to establish a buying schedule that works for their shop. I’m actively mindful of exclusivity and maintaining the unique character of the Phylogeny line. New orders will be considered in relation to their proximity to other retailers already carrying my line. In the event that a retailer in a location already exists, I’ll be in contact before filling your order - collectively, we may be able to work on a design exclusivity arrangement in such circumstances.


Are you interested in seeing the quality of my cards before purchasing your order? I'm happy to send you up to 3 samples so you can see just how nice they are in person. Send me an email with your shop name, contact information, reseller number, and provide the SKU for up to 3 designs you’d like to see. I'll drop them in the mail to you, and we can go from there.


Are you interested in seeing the quality of my cards before purchasing your order? Contact me with the SKU for the designs you’d like to see, maximum 3 samples. 

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