White Birch Ornaments

Hand Painted Ornaments White Birch Ornaments Phylogeny Art


The simplicity and soft whites of this frosted glass ornament with hand painted white birch trees has made this my most popular ornament design at Phylogeny Art. 


It's been available in my Etsy shop for retail shoppers since 2013. Over the years, this ornament has gathered a fair share of admirers.

It has served as beautiful memorial pieces for lost loved ones.
It has found its way to many holiday homes as gifts.
And it has built on family traditions of buying new ornaments for the tree each year.


But recently, it's also served as the favor given out at corporate events.

It has also received accolades from Huffington Post Canada Living as #12 on their list of "26 Wedding Favors your Guests Will Actually Want to Receive." 


So whether you're looking for a beautiful gift to send to your best friend across the country, or for a perfect parting gift for those special guests at your next event, look no further than this gorgeous ornament. 

To purchase this ornament, and to see what other designs I have available, visit my Etsy shop now



To learn more about the history of my ornament line, my design process, and how I paint on these small glass ornaments, you can read my story on my About My Ornaments page.





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